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The Case of the BSG Stalker

The credit for this entry must go to my good friends, whom without their help, this page wouldn't be possible. I am only using this blog to document things already on the internet. Links, and other blogs and forums and so forth. Here is one part of the saga of whole groups of people who have been trying to avoid a particularly nasty troll turned stalker that first appeared on a sci-fi board and the celebrity forum of one of the stars of a favorite sci-fi series. Her true identity will not be shared here (albeit she herself gives it away in various other places) but I will use the name Misery as it covers a wide range. It is also based on the Stephen King character; Annie Wilkes as played by Kathy Bates.

A Stalker's Twisting of Reality:
This account of a Con Event in 2005, is totally fabricated. The celebrity in question has stated that the story being told is completely inaccurate. Also worth noting is that there are several variations of the story from that who authored it, including vicious accounts of the actor selling drugs, and hiring prostitutes as spies to follow her around. WTF? Those claims came after she could not get him to respond to her usual slew of made-up stories. UPDATE 4-28-08 Recently the deranged fan has claimed there is video footage of the celebrity calling her from across a crowded room. Yes, her story just keeps changing and being added onto as she insanely goes along. I hope she has a good lawyer because there is no videotape and the event she describes did NOT happen the way she claims. Misery still posting libel. Stalkers always make such outrageous claims to try to sucker the layman into believing something that isn't factual. Stalkers get some kind of "high" out of being able to lie about how a celebrity they are obsessed with is supposedly attracted to them.

Misery attacks a Help Forum:
In this, she clearly shows her intentions to further harass her victim Nacky. She also admits to making threats and harassing phone calls but still seeks the board's sympathy and asks for help and tries to give the impression that she had no idea that Nacky was even there until AFTER joining. Nobody believed it for a minute, everything she posted was so transparent and laughable and none of anything she claimed made any sense. The celebrity she mentions loves her and then hates her? Why would Yahoo tell her to call the police while removing her account? Nothing she stated made any sense. She's clearly out of control. The forum owner banned her from further posting.

Attacking Blogs:
Misery attacks an online article, displaying her hatred for the celebrity in question (although in the above forum she states that she likes/loves him) and writing false accusations towards the celebrity's press agent and others.

Attacking Blogs part 2:
This account is even more revealing, as the celebrity in question has since blocked the stalker's fan mail. Note the remarks about him having no friends. That speaks volumes of the stalker's disappointment at not being able to get to her idol as it appears that snail mail was her only avenue to get his attention.

Attacking Blogs part 3:
Another example of Misery's hit and run attacks. There are many reasons why she has been banned from sites to do with the celebrity she stalks. Her claims that certain individuals will come after any person is based solely on her own created drama to garner attention from anyone who has posted reviews about the television series in which the actor is involved.

Attacking Blogs part 4:
In this random blog, she attacks again and although she had attacked Dirk's character in previous blogs and other forums, not to mention all her used-solely-for-harassment-and-slander myspace accounts, she has the nerve to ask him to "help her". Could anything be more pathetic?

Attacking Blogs part 5:
Scroll down to response #9. Does this nut have an agenda or what? I mean nobody called themselves "Dirkette Mafia", Misery is the one who threw that name around. Here she's trying to imply that there is such a group of people. While the blog does decry Dirk's article of some years ago, Misery's appearance here has nothing to do with the article or with his remarks but to simply spew more hatred and bitterness. It's really disgusting when you see her malign Dirk in this way and then look at her comments on the Ying Blog (see Attacking Blogs part 4) where she asks him for help. She hates him and she wants him. Just pathetic.

One Victim Offers Testimony:
Here is a chilling account in a month-by-month, year-by-year diary the victim has kept after encountering the stalker firsthand in late 2003. This is also posted with persmisson. All links herein are open to the public.


Blogger Carol said...

She is also posting under the user name alienated.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

She alienates herself.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

alienated is still posting at dirkbenedict.org. She made very unflattering comments about Dirk Benedict. Claims all the time she has a stalker. Which is NOT true. And has generally made the environment at dirkbenedict.org very unhealthy.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

"alienated" is the stalker. It's her who stalks and makes the environment of any society or group of people unhealthy and unhappy. She is a disease. She's too sick to be a functioning member of any society. She began her online stalking by going onto a cruise and came back unsatisfied that it didn't go as she planned and she'd always make lame threats. Nobody is afraid of her goofy stupid threats. The Dirk cruise was great for everyone else because everyone else didn't go there to stalk him. She'll NEVER get over it and in the process of her ever-growing sickness she'll keep on slandering Dirk, and anyone else who don't want to be involved in her own hell. Look what she's already done to Tracy, Nacky, Dennis, Todd, Wes, Joe and all those other people who probably don't know that she's stalking them too. Whenever *anyone* has a site or forum with the subject matter being Dirk you can rest assure that she'll stalk it and set out to make it her own red nightmare. Dirk is the victim of an obsessed stalker who won't stop at anything to make anyone associated with him or his fanbase miserable. Get in touch with the Detroit Police. After all, there is a record on her for harassment. How long is it legal for that looney to be able to continually harass people? Your group might also want to complain as a group about her sliming your place (which is all she ever does with her constant nagging) and that she cannot seem to move beyond her hateful posts that repeat over and over and over. Maybe they'll go and check and see for themselves what a mistake it is to even let her in their midst. Many, many others can tell you horror stories of this person and how she lives only to cause discord, grief and suffering.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Further notes: Misery claims she has stalkers because she can't accept that her victims are ignoring her and/or have forgotten that she exists. Therefore it is her lame attempts to keep claiming she has a stalker so she can feel important. Nobody would stalk her because they are repulsed by her.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

dirkbenedict.org is a site based in the UK.
Tracy was a member of that site and left due to alienated attacks and slanders against Dirk Benedict. Another member left as well because of the same reason, although she did not say so. She herself was not attacked by alienated.
How can the Detroit Police be contacted even though I don't live in the States. Can I email them this information?
I'm still a member of the site and still check from time to time what's going on.
You now have to log in to see the posts of the users due to alienated's B.S.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Unfortunately, the moderators and the administrator of dirkbenedict.org continue to let alienated post. They are not fully aware of her past attacks or stalking. Although some of the members do already know. Is there anyway you can inform them of what's going on? You can probably contact the site administrator and also through the Police.
alienated should have been banned from there a long time ago.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Are the owners of the U.K. based site wary of her? Are they sick of her yet? It'd be surprising if they don't ban her...that's what Misery always pushes people to do. The Detroit Police can be contacted via email but Diane Bannick is probably a good start, and officer Moschel was one of the officers who responded to several reports of her using the internet to harass, threaten, annoy and stalk others. Asst. Prosecuting Attorney Graham Jones also issued a Cease & Desist order which, of course, Misery ignored as you can see. The FBI has even been contacted about her.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

I can look into it. I will send them a letter if I'm able to find an address. But you could easily inform them, too. There's nothing I could tell them than you could at this point. I see it's obvious that whomever owns the site you refer to, doesn't know what is going on. Many complaints should make the owner aware. If the owner wants that crazy thing to remain, then he/she will eventually lose all their own members. When it comes to Misery - you make a choice; to either leave her in the dust or to abandon ever having any other friends or members for yourself. Ask Betty all about that.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

I think it's best that you handle it and the Police. I am not that much of a poster at the site. Like my friend was. She does not want to have anything more to do with the site nor alienated. The site owners believed Tracy to be a trouble maker, only because she was defending Dirk and herself against alienated's attacks. I saw this when you didn't have to log in to view the posts. I do know the email address of the administrator of the site. It's admin@dirkbenedict.org
I feel safe posting that here since this site is public and you see that when you register. Also, those Police officers should contact the site administrator of that site as well. That is the best course of action.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

The Detroit Police have been contacted via email.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Defender said...

The Detroit Police have been contacted a second time.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

The Detroit Police will probably be arresting her very soon. I hope.
They have been notified of *everything* that she has being doing on the internet.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

to: fighting online stalkers
Could you also get in touch with the Detroit Police? You have more information on her than I do. I have only seen a bit of what she has done.
You also have the email address for the dirkbenedict.org forum, it's admin@dirkbenedict.org. I gave this email address to the Detroit Police as well. The Chief of the Detroit Police Department was contacted. Just doing my duty to help keep a stalker off the internet.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Do you have her full name and ss# to give to them? She has priors. If you don't have this information, could I contact you to give this to you? I haven't yet written to the site owner but if they are allowing her to slander and harass others and furthermore to stalk others...technically they can also be investigated and closed down. Because this involves a celebrity they can also be sued. Thank you for doing your part. It is much appreciated by I don't know how many people.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

Yes. I do know her full name. I am fully aware of her real identity and her user name(s) she has used and is using now. I gave that information to the police. I think maybe you should give the rest of the information to the police. You're more familiar what's been going on than I am.
And Thank You to you as well for making the internet a safer place.
It would be really nice to see the day when stalkers can no longer be on the net.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

I have contacted the police and will call them again on Monday with the latest information, which is, she is harassing a new board. I cannot say what she's posting because I'm not subscribed to that board you mention and I know that her abusive blogs at Myspace were pulled due to the violent nature and the threats posted there. I'm not sure how I'd make a report based on this recent information because they already know she's not playing with a full deck. Stalking laws are getting stiffer, fortunately and she'll bury herself. She's already buried herself throughout the fanbase and is a well-known stalker to everyone in the Dirk and BSG sites so...with that said, I can try to make a report to the police. They may pay her another visit but that depends on what they can do about the site. They're not connected with the site so the only thing they might do is set up an observer which they do all the time with other such sites that might involve predators and stalkers.

One day, stalkers won't have the internet to do their stalking but we have a ways to go yet. Misery has used the internet to play out her psychotic deeds that otherwise, without the internet, she would have tried to stalk Dirk in the physical world and no doubt would have been locked up A LOT sooner. She is an obsessed individual and has displayed in every sense of the word, what a stalker does, thinks and is.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

Have you contacted the administrator of the dirkbenedict.org site yet?
I went to have a look at the site and noticed alienated is still posting there. She should be in jail and soon! They (the police) can also check the files at myspace too, even if they are deleted. I have a hunch that Misery aka alienated aka kitty9tales aka tracysdeadbody will be in jail very, very soon and for a good long time, I hope!

5:09 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Oh there are far more aliases of hers besides the ones you listed. She still refers to them as real people and relatives though. It's funny because she's the only one who believes all her aliases are actual people. Yes, she is heading (and has been) for prison for a long time. It's a shame that someone hasn't cared to have her committed so she can receive professional help but....that's life. She has spent time in a mental ward in her youth and it's obviously not worked or cured her and was left unchecked. Also, and this is just a thought, but maybe that site is all set up to catch her in her predatory activities? Don't take this as a guarantee but it's just a thought. I don't know what's going on over there and I don't want to know. Misery is Misery after all.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

Lies posted by the stalker at dirkbenedict.org

I just found out that an acquaintence of mine named Bill is and has been a good friend of Dirk's for 12 years. He even vistited and stayed at Dirk's cabin, that's the kind of friends they are.
Well, somebody on that nameless other site posted a thread talking about Dirk's blog on shying away from celebrity, and she talked about trying to have a private meeting with Dirk in a bar at Galacticon and other people kept coming up joining them and she thought it was rude.

Well, my friend has a different take on what transpired there. He says that Dirk wanted to spend time with him and some other people, and she got upset with it and tried to get Dirk to blow him off, and and she got bent out of shape when Dirk didn't.

who to believe? The Benedictator, or Bill, who I may not know well, but I've had a lot of drinks with at conventions. He had other stories to tell about her also.
He said that she called Dirk while he was visiting the cabin, and when she found out that Bill was over there, she said, "He shouldn't be there."
Dirk replied, "It's none of your buisiness."

HMMMM.....Yes, it is mean and childish of me to posts this on this forum. And I'm sure the Benedictator with exert her revenge in some manner yet again. She doesn't care who she hurts to get at me.
Even all of you.
and I am angry at her.
Is Bill's tale true? I don't know. But I am repeating it exactly as it was told to me this past Saturday night at a con we were at together.

I don't know if I'll be able to log on this board one last time before it goes, because of the time differences. So, incase this is my last time here, I just wanted to say it is a great board and I enjoyed the time I spent here.
It's just to bad the Tracy the Benedictator and her pets the Dirkette Mafia don't care who they hurt in their attempt to get at me.
I hope Saturn in Virgo makes them pay. I hope their own bad karma bites them in their asses.
I loved this board. And that's why they had to attack it. All because of that damn cruise.
I hope they grow up.

These are blatant lies about Tracy and Dirk Benedict and should be reported to the police.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

HA! I hope those people now realize what a farking insane whacko they've been putting up with. btw, it's because of Misery herself that they've decided to close their board... so translate what it REALLY is saying and it's more like: I hope Saturn in make-believe land makes a stupid stalker in Michigan pay. I hope her own bad karma bites her in her fat-bloated ass.
Misery loved that board because she could post lie after lie and they weren't privvy to her true nature or realized how fucked up she really is. And as is Misery's nature, she just had to attack it. All because of that damn cruise that she went on and got thrown off of for criminal behaviour and is STILL on the war-path because of. She won't ever grow up.

She just doesn't get it. And never will.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

Other lies the stalker has posted...
"she will still be around, harrassing me as long as she lives."
It's the other way around.
The stalker has been banned from DBC permanently and has apparently been banned from myspace for all the harassing sites she has posted.
We all know who this person is.
I foresee her being in jail soon and for a very long, long time.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Defender said...

Famous last words from the admin at dirkbenedict.org

Its a shame that people have to ruin other peoples fun Trash look down on those who don't complie with what they want Trash sometimes demand.

No Tracy we haven't forgotten how you tried to tell us what to do Trash how you tried to bribe us to get rid of Alienated....funny thing is after all the shit Trash everything you are the one who caused all the trouble (well you Trash your little pet) Trash she caused none.

We may have been crude Trash base....but at least we had fun Trash didnt act like we had a broomstick stuck up our asses.

This person is just as insane as Misery.
dirkbenedict.org is closing down.
Thank God. One less site that will post the filth and garbage that comes out of Misery's foul mouth.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

I'm sure that Dirk don't appreciate his friends being talked of in such an ill manner. It just goes to show (between the two site admins: Tracy and fucknut 30 year old Retard Git Wanker Tart RGWT) that Tracy has far more diginity and quality in her little finger than that RGWT has in its entire being. Tracy NEVER once did anything to anyone but because RGWT has listened to and bought everything Misery is feeding RWGT, RWGT now imagines all these insane fantasies and panders to Misery's delusions. Thusly feeding the stalker what she craves... another victim, and brain-dead stoop. Misery is the one spreading lies... go through *any* of those threads and notice contradiction after contradiction. Misery's just got all kinds of fantasies going on from law-breaking IRS agents to being an exotic dancer (OH GAWD PLEASE SPARE US THAT GRUESOME IMAGE!) A 40-something fat pig of a crazy who lives with her mother and can't even hold down a job! Maybe Misery and RGWT share things in common?

Great... now Dirk has two ugly ass stalkers. Or maybe RGWT feels so sorry for Misery and just can't accept the fact that there *is* a whole other side to the story and the reality that the stupid wanker has just been had big time. Does it even dawn on the idiot with all that talk of death, harming others and curses galore that just spew from Misery's foul tongue-endless-with-lies aligator mouth? Does it even dawn on the fool to look at anything Misery says with an objective, logical mind? I see the answer is no. The fool just wanted the publicity of being in the "spotlight" because wow, there's a stalker who's gonna post some crap and wow, that should get Dirk's attention. Negative attention. That's the only kind Misery and follower can get because they can't think of a creative, civil way to admire an idol - so they gotta thrash and whine and beat up his agent. An innocent woman who's being blamed for crap that THEY started! FEH! Go to hell RGWT! Yeah, ok you and Misery piss the furthest. Mighty hard to do considering the Redwood Forest tree up your collective asses.

Misery's broken record needs to be stopped but as long as there's some bitter little lowlife out there who'll listen and buy Misery's bridges... well...

They can blame Misery for why their site is going down but the blind will never see it. Nobody had anything to do with their misery except the one right under their nose. Dirk is well aware of the crap they've said and look at how many stalkers have killed celebrities before. Dirk will NOT be another victim regardless of how hard Misery tries. Let the anal-retentive RGWT lick Misery's ass for her in public, I'm sure Misery loves stupid people as company. She certainly don't have any intelligent people in her corner.

RGWT was warned politely about what was up and the dumb brit just acted predictably empty-headed. What a wanker! I hope not all of the U.K. are that stupid.

Yeah... I'm on a roll! I fucking hate dumb people who latch onto insane stalkers like Misery and think it's cool or something. In school they probably beat up the smaller kids and are making up for lost time. Both Misery and RGWT have acted like nothing but bitter ass bullies! Kudos to Tracy for not even acknowledging their pathetic shit.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Btw, NONE of what RWGT said made any sense! What's with "Trash" being inserted every other word? Neither RGWT or Misery even know how to write or spell. Now they gotta make some inane sentence structure for their crap. The world laughs on. It's like um, yeah like uh, duh. Omigod! *bleh*

9:51 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

RGWT is just as insane as Misery...not to mention the admin x24dirk who now wants to be called wiggy....
They have made complete asses of themselves.
Mature people and sane people take responsibility for their own actions. Which they obviously did not.
They didn't stop to think that Dirk has read it. Did they? Of course he has.
Everyone who looks at that site will see how insane and truly nuts these people are.
I think they should all be locked up in a loony bin and the key thrown away!

7:21 AM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

The news of the recent goings on has found its way even to Nacky, and this is what she had to say.

"First off, I don't even know who this idiot RWGT is and I *don't wanna know* them...but I am sick and tired of being dragged into their psycho paranoid delusions and drama and being mentioned as a "pet"! Whoever this fucking RGWT is, it needs to leave me the FUCK ALONE!!! I haven't even heard of their stupid shit site, let alone have had anything to do with it NOR am I even a member there! Get the fuck outta my face RGWT and bugger off! And take your nasty, biting curse-filled stalker with you! You deserve each other.

Second off, you'll find out soon enough what Misery is really all about. I once stuck up for her and boy did I regret even lettng her into my midst! BUT the difference between you and me, RGWT, is that I checked out her "claims" and asked questions and got BOTH sides of the story and found the TRUTH and found out what a LIAR Misery really is! THAT'S the difference 'tween us, RGWT fucker. You just attack me without even bothering to ask me if I've ever been to your retarded site. Now that I've heard about you and your stupid fan-gushing site and that tree up your ass where you go on about people you DON'T EVEN KNOW or have a FUCKING CLUE about - I hope your fucking site gets deleted! As a matter of fact, I'll report it myself since I'm being dragged into your shit! I haven't even been online much in the last six months because of all the projects in REAL LIFE I've been working on and I live in the real world NOT some stalker from Michigan's world where the psycho thinks everyone (she thinks) is woried about her pathetic lard ass! I don't even think of Misery as among the living so GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE with your shit about me! Asshole RGWT! You're just as much of a total loser as Misery is!"

End quote. I have to hand it to Nacky... she sure let that idiot have it! Good on Nacky!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

This is another comment sent in to me. The poster's indentity won't be revealed as per his request.

"This goes out to RGWT. What exactly is your problem? You claim that you were just "having fun" and that you did nothing wrong. That there were lies and rumors spread about you. Private emails that slammed you....but there you were (with your little "pet" alienated) spreading lies and rumors about others and you let your little pet just say whatever cock and bull story and rumor and lie that she wanted to and you didn't stop her. You claim she didn't cause trouble but that's ALL your little pet did! But you just sat back and laughed at it and enjoying the sickness that was being spread all over your forum. Not one shred of truth was even to be found on your site about anyone! You shared many private emails spreading rumors and lies and YOU are the one who has slammed others. You are the one who has done everything YOU blame others for doing. YOU are the hysterical hypocrite now whining because you were caught in all your shit. YOU were the one doing the slamming and you chose your little pet's side over logic and good sense. You are the one who caused trouble and when a site admin is the biggest douchebag of them all it hardly makes anyone sympathize with you when everything you whined about was the result of your own actions of retardedness.

Then there were accusations that people tried to re-join your site under different names, however the proof you presented was frivilous at best and other board admins know that's your little pet's game and has been for as long as the lowlife has been on the internet, sliming and slamming people. Misery's whole output has been nothing but caustic bitching and nagging about Dirk and her love/hate for him and his associates. Your little pet kept barging in on groups and boards that she hated and had no business on just to continue her writhing bullshit and online threats and numerous posts about how people will die or have some horrible thing happen to them. Your little pet did NOT belong on the ABBA or Agnetha groups and yet she kept on attacking them and creating yahoo ID after yahoo ID and she kept right on stalking and still to this day tries to get onto the yahoogroups she's been banned from just so she can continue her sick SICK stalking.

So you see, RGWT, you're nothing but a dumb ass-licking goat sucker. Like someone said recently, just go to hell. Good riddance to bad rubbish!"

7:46 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Yet another comment from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

"I was there and stopped posting and par-taking of that site when the moderators themselves acted like blooming idiots. The nerve of them saying that others are behaving ridiculously when the name-calling and general nastiness I witnessed was on their part, not on the ones they were gagging at. Yet while they gagged at Dirk's manager, they swallowed that camel of a nutbar 'alienated' and put up with all her rubbish. And there was SO much rubbish posted by that one alone that I just stopped going there altogether! There were BLANTANT lies posted every other day on that site and I, for one, am glad it's going to be removed.

Serves them right. Also most of the member base there were spammers anyway. There's no way they had the number they think they had. The only active members there were the small idiot gang and their pet Misery."

8:20 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

More witty comments(yeahhhh right)
and pigs fly! from alienated at dirkbenedict.org

wiggy've been in the Vodka the past few days. Shmirnoff. Can't afford the really good stuff, Trash Shmirnoff was my first love.
Everything now here is on borrowed time.
Dirk's booked that 30th anniversarry cruise.
A pox on the cruises. They caused all this trouble. Well, them Trash a Selena-type PR person.
Hey....this stuff is strong.....
wiggy am somebody Trash wiggy deserve to be here.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Just know that every "pox" she utters in her bitter diatribes, will come back and bite her so hard and it will be harsh and it will be justice.

Of course Misery cannot afford any real stuff, she's already squandered her family's savings on a cruise because she believed Dirk was going to "do" her. She brought it all on herself by not investing the money on professional help which is what she needs! Instead she gets almost arrested for grossly indecent behaviour on a cruise and thrown off and sent home. This is ALL shit that she brought on herself! Misery is a dirty, filthy perverted sicko.

I'm remembering the "Steel Dildo" stories she posted at Nacky's group before she began posting threats to Nacky's members and I've been going through those private archives. Misery is the one who caused ALL the grief, trouble and psycho drama and the world ignores on. Misery is just so full of shit that all I can do is laugh at her pathetic, childish flaming that won't end until she dies. The world will still ignore her.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Defender said...

Misery has lost another site to spout her lies and filth. Misery is permanently banned from DBC, probably from myspace, after what ...eight accounts..mostly harassing/attacks and two fake...and now this site is gone for good. Good Riddance!
This site dirkbenedict.org is currently inactive.
We are not responsible for any content that may have previously appeared here.
It is possible that this account is mostly likely to be suspended as it may be over due for payment.
*probably this account is suspended due to insane whackos and a stalker named Misery and other idiots who got sucked in by her*
They are the liars. The truth has and will come out. Justice is served.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Nacky asked me to post this commment.

"The site in question is gone so whoever RGWT is or was, it's time to drop any further association with him/her/it. I don't want another person (possibly crazy) who will stalk me. That's what Misery got Betty to do until Betty finally saw that Misery would NEVER stop and kinda figured it out and now no one ever hears from that Betty anymore. Good riddance. So I don't want another "Betty" following me around and trying to sneak onto my sites with different aliased like Betty did and like Misery has been doing and is STILL attempting doing.

So, in hindsight and the fact that a certain site is gone, where Misery's sickness was fed and mutated all over again (like that movie series Alien - kinda fits with her 'alienated' name, don't it?) and was able to re-attack Dirk and others more and do her threats, curses, cyber-how-people-shall-die-under-her-so-called-power and postng about horrible things that somehow have never happened to us...I would like to distance myself from whomever RGWT is. I don't need some other entity trying to do crap to me. I don't know exactly how much of Misery's bullshit RGWT has bought, but I'm guessing a hook, line and sinker scenario and all I can do is feel sorry for RGWT. However methinks that RGWT just didn't wanna pay good money to be able to provide a sick fucking criminal with the means to post her stalking-harassing crap anymore. I'd truly like to believe that RGWT has *some* sense. So in due time, I'd like my comments about RGWT removed. It doesn't have to be right away, but eventually. I wanna see what conspires first. If I'll get attacked from some hidden corner somewhere - and then if that's the case, I'd like my comments to remain as proof of what conspired when I was dragged into some stupid argument that I wasn't even involved in.

By the way, all Misery's curses are still null and void and Saturn brings good karma to Virgos everywhere because I've certainly had a LOT of good things coming my way as of the past few months, and the year as well! Misery is really some "wiccan pagan" huh? Pa-LEEZE!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Fighting Online Stalkers said...

Another comment from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

"The reasons the administrator gave for closing the dirkbenedict.org site is a lie. There is no truth in that statement whatsoever. They brought this upon themselves.
They attacked Tracy, made unwarranted accusations against ex-members which were proven to be false. I know this since I was one of them and my own ISP confirmed this as a fact. Not to mention the total and utter disrespect shown to Dirk at the site from the moderators and the administrator at the site and of course Misery. I believe the reason for the closure of the site is this.... They violated the user terms from their own ISP and Dirk himself most likely made an official complaint regarding the site and other people made complaints as well and they were told they were to be shut down. I am not 100% certain of that. But, I believe it to be the case. I am very pleased that the site no longer exists. This is indeed a victory for those of us who have had to deal with stalkers and those who support them.
The truth is now out there. All you stalkers out there beware ...YOUR TIME IS UP....YOU ARE FINISHED"

4:03 PM  

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