Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Misery keeps harassing her Victims' Friends

After being bombarded with emails last month about Misery's total crap, a gentleman in Michigan who attends Wiccan Events they have out there (we'll call him Gordon) has informed me that he is NOT fighting with anyone named Jane. Not happening. As we all know Misery is a liar and she does have some minion trying to help her harass people. According to someone from a Macca Fun board, Misery has talked about using different IPs to do some really sneaky and evil things, so I do believe she has someone helping her bypass bans and so forth.

Hearing from people from a Paul McCartney forum, they tell me that Misery monitors the activities of various people while still trying to monitor her victims. Her so-called "friends" have never said a word about Nacky, or her being alone. Nack's got a family and is never alone, thank you very much. But that's just typical Misery for you...trying to spew lies about someone's whereabouts. Misery sure does love to stalk people even when she can't actually physically follow them around. Then trying to drag her friends into her drama and pin something on them as if it came from their mouths! This is to deflect the heat off her and throw her friends under the bus. But it never works. Misery has no friends. At least any willing to do her dirty work. Just a pathetic relative or minion who's just as pathetic as she is. Gordon is definitely not her friend. And I believe him! Thank you very much!

It is also a fact that Nacky hardly spends anytime online as she is a busy woman and has been for years. My friend has a life and so do I. On some weekends her family will travel to Florida as they own property there...just for everyone's information since it seems to be sooo important to Misery what her victims are doing at all times! Since Misery spends all her time thinking about what people are doing at any given time, trying to monitor them, while trolling new innocent bystanders in different celeb forums. Misery spends all her time online stalking someone - this is an old fact to me and our circles but this is something people from the McCartney circles have stated to me of all people! So thank you, Captain Obvious! Not to be sarcastic but really, we know that Misery spends all her time on the internet. As you say; at her computer. That's her location pretty much all the time. No surprise there.

Gordon is not helping her cast spells against people either. Misery was caught in some big lies lately from what I've been hearing. Something about a Peace Garden and her made-up stories involving that. Harassing some other poor woman named Tina. Trying to get this Tina's whole forum reported and deleted. And some poor Asian woman that Misery has had a real hate-on for since the beginning of time.

Then another item of Misery's harassment of a co-worker. And another gentleman selling his house so that Misery will never know where he lives again! It's that bad.

So to Gordon, Jane, Tina, Peace Garden person, and whoever else you may be. I offer my condolences that Misery is still at it, trying to make people's lives Hell. Misery is a monster and her curses never work. Misery spends all her time bashing so many other religions and beliefs that if I were a particularly religious man myself, I would see where anything she tries ever works on the karmic level for her, but rather against her.

I will be keeping my email option open to legitimate people such as Gordon, but will be closing off the anonymous functions.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Misery; Mean Nasty Cunt

I know it's hard for her victims to wrap their heads around the fact that there's a nasty pathetic obsessive online offline stalker who will spend her entire life on a mission to be the most hateful spiteful twisted train-wreck there is. But those victims still get on with their lives. Take solace you people who suffer through those episodes of Misery still trying to get you to contact her! Because that's exactly what she wants! For years you've ignored her and it kills her. It rips right into her fat head like a chainsaw of rage and I know firsthand that people find pleasure in that Misery is filled with such rage that she bangs on her computer in fits of her own private psycho Hell.

Yeah it's too bad that Misery lives in some stupid little township next to a crime-ridden, depressed, some of the highest taxes in the country, stinking land mass of crumbling and decay. Much like Misery herself, so her location is ironic. And it's in this situation that all she has in her pathetic little life is the sole purpose to live her life online in the futile ongoing purpose to troll and malign people with frivolous lies and made up shit just for the excuse to attack. Yet no one is listening. I guarantee, everyone's either laughing or shuddering at the creepiness of Misery's ever nagging ranting and obsessions.

Misery is sooo jealous of N, and shows that every chance she gets! So, so jealous! The green just drips off that slimey stalking bitch that lives a stone's throw from Detroit projects and slums. What a pathetic loser. ;)

You know what's even more pathetic? Misery's sad, sad delusions that George Harrison talks to her from beyond the grave! How is Misery still walking the streets? Can't afford to put the criminally insane behind bars in Detroit, huh? So poor, so depressed and so inept that they can't even lock up Misery! Who is a danger to herself and others. Since Misery stalks people, reading whatever they post so she can use it against them, I personally say that there are others who are burdened with her constant nagging about what she reads on all our sites yet she can't seem to prove anything she claims. Meanwhile Misery still being a burden to those who don't wish to hear her distribes about people they don't even know, about how she lives in a depressed city, and all her drama. Misery has no life but what she can try to make others' lives just as miserable as hers.

Misery should seek professional help so she can get her proper meds! Locked up in a padded room is about what the doctor ordered! Imagine someone going from suicidal fantasies after a cruise and then turns it into death threats galore for years afterward! That's Misery for you. Her pathetic "friend" added some unknown and Misery's friend stalked that person! So you got Misery and her troll pet, two stalkers! How special.

Tonita never said or did any of the things Misery claimed! Ever. The suicidal Crazy on the Cruise was Misery! Not Tonita.

Now, how about her sad, sad delusions that she talks to Paul McCartney? And the even more psychotic delusion that he joins her in animated conversations about how much hate he might have for the people she stalks! Newsflash! Paul doesn't talk to Misery or even acknowledges her drama! Drama is Misery's whole life and she fills it with hate, bitterness and obsession over any celebrity who happens to appear approachable. Or has a huge enough fanbase that she can stalk someone within that. Just like she did to Dirk Benedict.

Misery might have some people fooled but those people are just as sad and pathetic or they'd lose the creepy fat greaseball who never ceases to obsess over those she's victimized for years. Has Misery weaned herself off of her irrational hatred of Dirk or any of his fanbase? NO! Has Misery weaned herself off of trying to hack into our sites? NO! Has Misery weaned herself from any of her underhanded tactics and abusive behaviour? NO NO NO! Not at all! And yet she has the NERVE to call anyone anything or claim she's not a problem? Sorry but the reality is, that Misery IS the only problem! Ever will be the problem and causes all the grief you see!

I wonder how far she thought she was going to get on Hak5 when she asked them to destroy the support group? Or break into another site to retrieve other people's emails? The Miserable Misery didn't get one single site hacked by anyone. Nobody was willing to help her. Smart people can see a psycho coming! They certainly had her figured out! Good on them!

Oh and Misery has been banned from an entire fandom! You gotta be a really creepy ugly trolling stalker to be banned from an entire fanbase!

And Misery has been banned from attending another cruise where Dirk might be! Misery has been blacklisted! Wow you really gotta fuck up big time to get banned from a cruiseliner!

Wonder how long it will take before she gets herself banned from her current obsession where she injects her poisonous self into it everyday. Those people must be ready to put the hammer down at any chance they see. Meanwhile N is enjoying going to SCA events whenever N can attend. As long as the bible toters aren't around it's a good time. The local SCA of N's have a support group too, and Misery is a well known troll in those circles! Especially after all the spamming Misery and her friend did on those lists in 2004/05.


George, John, who've passed on, I hope those gravesites are never visited by Misery! God knows what she'd do to the headstones or the grounds.

Paul, Ringo, my advice, hire extra security if you venture anywhere near Michigan! Actually, stay well away. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Misery Continues to Stalk Victims via Harassment using other forums, blogs, etc.

After over a dozen of Misery's MySpace accounts being removed for ToS violations and stalking, threats and other criteria, after being warned face to face by the police, Misery still stalks the victims to this day and has added new victims to her list. I will try to update more often as I see the Misery problem has not gone away, just taken on other forms.

In the meantime. An anonymous victim who is being harassed via Misery's LJ account sends this in to show his/her support.

I would like to say that ***** has never ever stalked nor harassed anyone. It is Misery who is the stalker. That is a known and proven fact. ***** is also a decent and considerate person and has a good spirit and a good heart. The posts in Misery's LJ are outright lies, she asked the admins for help at the HAK5 forum to help break into sites and was therefore banned. No one has pretended to be her. In fact, who in their right mind would pretend to be her? Misery is most definitely psychotic and needs to be locked in a mental institution for the criminally insane. She has pretended to be me. I have concrete proof of that. First she attacks boards that Nacky runs, attacks members/fans of Dirk Benedict. Posts harassing accounts at myspace and then LJ and still continues to do after those journals were terminated and is now posting a fake facebook account. She(Misery) must really think people are stupid and aren't wise to what's going on about her. Newflash! people do know. We are not stupid nor are we cowards like she is. We know Misery for what she truly is, a liar and a stalker who post lies and harasses and stalks people. She can't face the fact that people have fought back and her lies are being exposed. My heartfelt support goes out to all of you who've had the misfortune of dealing with this plague on the internet. I foresee that Misery will be locked up soon and the key thrown away.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ms. Drama Again

If anything can be said about obsessive behaviour, it is that if a certain target for an obsession is removed then it is quickly replaced with another obsession. Former James Bond character Pierce Brosnan is now the center of affection for a troubled stalker who couldn't get her mitts into the 1980s TV star of the A-Team; Dirk Benedict.

Now it seems that Mr. Brosnan is the object of desire. Why does it seem that these lonley, homely-looking females have to set their sites on some of the most unobtainable men and celebrities? Forget for a moment that Brosnan is single and doesn't have a wife and kids, and forget that he's one of Hollywood's top 40 actors, it still wouldn't matter because he's not about to become the possession of some mentally damaged woman who would only end up either harming him (either physically or emotionally) and being a very dark chapter in the man's life.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Other Crazies Out There II

Personally I think someone or some couple of loser people out there are far more obsessed with N**** and just waiting to see more written about themselves in this blog. Well for one thing, you can't seem to spell worth a shit. You're retarded and keep thinking different people are just one person (in Misery's case this would be a suitable conclusion) but come on! I won't make a habit of acknowledging your pathetic existence, but as you wish, there is something about you here. It shouldn't be too hard for you to understand.

Now please run along, little doggies. Anonymous comments are closed so go post your boring links elsewhere. Shouldn't you be more concerned with your sprawl of emo posts with in-between gusts of ego satisfying drivel that the rest of the world finds boring?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Other Crazies Out There

It seems where there's drama, the nutcases show up in droves. Nevermind that there are no facts to back up their claims. The facts are:

1. The police were called, on several occassions and reports filed against Misery.
2. The person demanding that Misery be banned from sites was a woman in Canada who claims to work for I.T. as a security technichian. The other victims had only voiced their concerns that Misery was posting, but NEVER demanded a flat out ban.
3. There are posts in a support group that shows that an owner of one of these sites and the other woman (both Canadian) that have said in very strong language that Misery should be banned from another micro site.

Would you like to view those posts?

So to all you frivolous and ugly drama-causing attention are only proving what we've all said about you. Writhe in it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Misery Loves Company

I haven't checked my emails in three months, so I'm well behind. To those of you who have sent me all the goings on and links, your help is much appreciated! I had taken care of the silly attack post here in August, but I skimmed it and didn't pay much attention to it.

Hypocritical trolls are abundant on the internet and when those of us call them out, we get blasted for basically; telling it like it is. No good deed goes unpunished. Funny thing is, the hypocrites who, at first defend the victims, then personally attack them, are obviously trolls who suffer from obvious various mental illnesses. Attention spans must be lacking; they try to claim others as being 'underhanded' and then go out of their way to protest something they clearly know nothing about and then spew their rhetoric with infantile comments back and forth and just like that; they are doing the very thing they accuse others of doing... being flaming underhanded little miseries. Pot calling the kettle black much? Yep! Just like the real-life Misery. They must all be related somehow. Darth Vader wannabes must suck the shit right out of Misery's Sashquatchian asshole.

Trolls, you've been CAUGHT! How dare you use examples of people you obviously don't even know or cared to even get in touch with, to make excuses for your miserable drama and going out of your way to bully anyone who has suffered a great deal! You pathtic little worms. It's like you're saying this; well I got attacked so now I'm going to just attack everyone to make sure I get the culprit! I don't care who I hurt, who I step on as long as I'm seen as the one everyone should go boohoo over! Enter the filthy lying sack whose been pulling some strings from the beginning. One who has done this kind of thing before... played two parties against one another! Go ahead and try to play innocent.

You can flail and whine all you want, make up deaths in your little lives and conjure up imaginary illnesses to try to make all your little followers feel sorry for you and thusly not question your motives or lies because they're all too busy sending you sympathy mail... but it just doesn't cut it. In the end the truth comes out. You low-life stinking trolls, you are hypocrites, nut jobs and all the bile you claim others to be. You go right on thinking that playing both sides of the fence is going to keep you safe from being exposed. Go on thinking that. Such a shame that a certain fandom is filled with such crazy bastards. You know who you are.

I will now point out some very obvious lies that the crazy on the net muttering crazy tried to spin, oh and comments are moderated just so you know. Yeah, you will be muffled because the mouths of trolls and liars need to shut up! So fuck you very much.

Nowhere in this entire blog has any moderator from any site about any celebrity posted claiming to be said moderator. Nowhere is there in existence a letter from this blog or the subscribers thereof, bragging about any such a damned thing to anyone, let alone the crazy fuckard who is spewing such bile. The list goes on. Thanks to the people who've alerted me to the latest. I will be keeping on top of this and closing off comments to the little pieces of shit who somehow think this is a free-for-all. Oh and if any of my friends are attacked... there will be such an exposure of the letters, posts (no matter how you've tried to cover your lies about Will and others) and all, that your heads will spin!

At least we don't lie and fabricate evidence and just make shit up. At least we don't listen to some shit-eating talentless troll and believe everything being fed to us. Everything here is backed up by not only witness accounts but by the very links that lead to the sites where the trolls have struck. Oh and the little things like emails WITH headers and the whole nine yards. At least when we're being attacked, we don't come up with frivilous deaths in the workplace, or in the family to garner sympathy and thus cover up tracks and use imaginary illnesses to distract the people from scrutinizing us too closely. At least we don't tell trolls (like Misery) that we're her friends and then run to the other side and whisper evil things about her and do this vice versa with the others. It's really just a game with these crazy assed trolls! I guess I should post some of those letters that a crazy troll wrote concerning the very person she was kissing the ass of, letting her post, then defaming her, then does a complete 180ยบ turn again! That should be interesting. We'll see how her mind games stand up when everyone else is aware of how she engineered and manipulated so many people!